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Quicksilver, more like quicklygivemethenextbook

Quicksilver  - R.J. Anderson

The first one was phenomenal and I expected this to be a bit worse, like any other sequel but this BLEW ME AWAY.

The plot was amazing. It absorbed me right as the beginning and every day I yearned to read more. Her plan at the end threw me off completely, I only got what she was doing when they were actually performing it, so the ambiguity in the book was great.

Niki or Tori as a protagonist was amazing. I already liked her in the first book but now I love her. Such big development, such a well rounded character. She was smart and strong, but at the same time had her weaknesses and she seemed to real.
The other characters were great too. Although the point of view changed from the first book, Alison remained the way she was before, even just through dialogue.


I loooove how the author didn't 'cure' Niki of her asexuality at the end of the book. I was actually scared of that when it was first revealed, but I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like Ms. Anderson and I share the same ideologies, as the book showed many issues that I find relatable, like the sexism Niki went through when she first went to the makerspace or the sensitivity in which sexual assault was mentioned.

Overall, the book was phenomenal, definitely a 5 star read

Ember - Bettie Sharpe

Look at this cover. Look at it and cry. It's so beautiful.

I bought 6 books today and am not ashamed of it.

I am pretty sure the inspiration for Dee and Dum in Angelfall came from the Wesley twins. 

And by pretty sure I mean 100% definitely certain. 

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